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LOCKEN's mechatronic key access control solution is based on a device that combines the advantages of an electronic access control system with those of a mechanical solution. It is controlled by the secure and ergonomic Locken Smart Access software, enabling configuration of tailor-made accesses.

The LOCKEN digital key

Based on innovative, induction-based, contactless technology, this key is both reliable and robust, and guarantees that the lock opens immediately.

The Locken digital key allows the replacement of bunch of keys. This programmable key holds the modifiable access rights of each user. If the key is lost or stolen, it can simply be disabled and become unusable.

Equipped with a Bluetooth module and connected to the MyLocken app, the digital key opens up an infinite range of services for the user.

LOCKEN digital cylinders and padlocks

Locken digital cylinders and padlocks are installed without wiring in place of existing cylinders and padlocks. They unlock thanks to the Locken digital key which transmits the access rights and the power by magnetic induction.

This contactless technology ensures high resistance and almost instantaneous opening. Digital cylinders offer ease of use equivalent to that of mechanical cylinders.

Management of access rights

It is easy to update access rights in keys and look up usage histories from a smartphone connected via Bluetooth to the digital key, a terminal, or a computer connected to the Internet.