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Activity segments of Locken

Evidence that companies rely on LOCKEN : the diversity of industries in which it operates

TransportationTelecommunicationsWater distributionCommunitiesEnergyPublic spacesSecurity/PoliceIndustriesBanks/retail


Locken meets the needs of many companies in the transport sector whether it be air, land or river-based. Its solution adapts to all environments and all transit-related infrastructure.


Locken meets the challenges of multi-site and multi-service provider management. It is the leading provider for many telecoms operators and a reference within the industry as a whole. 

Water distribution

Locken perfectly meets the equipment and management issues of multiple access common in the distribution of drinking water throughout the country. Locken is the ideal partner for the installation of access management solutions in the water industry. 


Locken can adapt to the special requirements of local authorities. Whether it is for halls, sports facilities, or cultural spaces, Locken provides the perfect solution for public facility access.


Locken addresses three major issues: regulatory compliance, security assurance, and a reduction in operating costs. It boasts a strong expertise in the energy sector whether fossile or non fossile.

Public spaces

Locken addresses the specific problems posed by public spaces. Whether it is for convention centres, exhibition halls, stadia, theatres, or historic sites, Locken equips a broad range of public spaces.


Locken provides the right solution for the problems faced by the security industry. With its dual expertise, it guarantees maximum security by ensuring rapid interventions. 


Locken meets the requirements of industrial access management. Facilitating but yet controlling access to various factories areas and equipments, Locken is the preferred supplier for a number of very large industrial sites.


Locken meets the needs of banks, retail outlets, and warehouses regarding stronger security and access management. It equips numerous banks and retail chains.