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corporate social responsibility of Locken

Social responsability


One of the main objectives of LOCKEN , is to achieve the highest level of excellence in their professional, social and environmental relations within its ecosystem. This means, total respect for the laws and standards, best practices, obligations and commitments towards its employees and partners, customers and suppliers, competitors and professional associations”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Arnaud Flecchia, associate director of SARTI Group


With clear communication and excellent services, LOCKEN builds trusted relationships with its customers to provide custom-built solutions. 
At LOCKEN , we strive to keep the entrepreneurial spirit and values that we had when we created our business, so that they remain a key element within a now large company. Honesty, humility, empathy, the spirit of individual and collective responsibility, and the quality of our commitments constitute our traditional values. Innovation, evolution, creativity and service are our daily incentives.
We promote individual and collective development in our society whilst seeking  leadership of our industry and maintaining our innovative flair."

Our environment

The goals we pursue in our direct ecosystem include:
  • Community development through the creation of employment , payment of wages and taxes, talent development  and the production of wealth
  • Environment preservation by reducing the consumption of natural resources and avoiding energy squandering,  pollution and waste
  • Collaboration with humanitarian and social action projects 
  • Active contribution, in the spirit of shared social responsibility values, to international and international associations and trade unions 

OUR Employees

LOCKEN employees are the key actors of the company and are a fundamental  element when it comes to standing out in the market. With this conviction, LOCKEN has developed and implemented a clear policy of mutual respect among its employees:
  • Health and safety at the workplace
  • Information transparency and communication at all company levels
  • Motivating, consistent, and transparent remuneration policy
  • Equal opportunities and responsible recruitment processes
  • Delegation and teamwork to encourage motivation and self-realization
  • Continuous learning at all levels
  • Balancing work, family and leisure
  • Diversity of staff ( nationality, language, sex)
  • Continuity and  growth prospects in all positions to allow for personal development

OUR suppliers 

With its suppliers, LOCKEN develops a partnership relationship, driven by mutual enrichment, equality, and mutual respect

  • Fair and responsible selection of suppliers (without commissions, gifts or preferential treatment on a personal or collective level)
  • Establishment of win-win relationships with suppliers, avoiding purchasing conditions or payments that could jeopardize their financial solvency or human structures, and fostering long-term relationships as well as mutual satisfaction
  • LOCKEN is aware of the working conditions of its suppliers and strives to remain informed of any changes


  • LOCKEN offers its customers safe, reliable, high quality products and services at competitive pricesThe primary objective and relentless commitment of the Company and its entire workforce is complete customer satisfaction
  • LOCKEN uses  methods for analysing the satisfaction of its customers
  • LOCKEN manages procedures and systems for incident control and correction
  • LOCKEN is subject to various external audits (Auditors, Banque de France, OSEO, Coface, Achilles, etc.) applying for certification and registration with the largest French companies

sustainable Environment

  • LOCKEN contributes to environmental preservation by reducing the consumption of natural resources and avoiding energy waste, pollution and unnecessary litter
  • LOCKEN is fully committed to the European Directive DEEE2002/96/CE August 13, 2005 and is affiliated to ADEME for waste recording and monitoring
  • All LOCKEN sites supply battery disposal containers.  Thanks to our electronic document management system, our paper production rate is minimal, the printed paper is reused as much as possible and, once unusable, is shredded and permanently recycled