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Locken missions and values



Since optimized access management constitutes a key success factor for businesses, LOCKEN undertook the transformation of such an access management constraint into a profitability factor.

To that end, it relies on the fundamental values inspiring its teams in their daily actions. 

Commitment to performance 

LOCKEN's main  objective is to understand the safety and operational issues of each client and to provide a suitable solution, whether it is plug & play or customized.Its mission is to facilitate and secure each client accesses, allowing them to improve site access and reduce the associated costs. To this end, LOCKEN  relies on a team of experts dedicated to each project.

A strong sense of values ​​in Locken DNA


Innovation is at the heart of the LOCKEN approach: multifaceted innovation that relies on the most advanced technologies and value-added services. LOCKEN  has won several awards for its innovative approach.



LOCKEN strives to establish a close relationship, based on mutual respect, with its employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.



  • LOCKEN combines product quality and strict manufacturing processes.
  • LOCKEN won an award from Vodafone Group for the quality of its services in Spain.


LOCKEN is led by a dynamic team that shares with its customers a taste for challenge, initiative and adaptability.