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Strong and recognized identity

Locken identity


As the leading player in the market for cable free access control, Locken's innovation challenges traditional practices in the world of access control. In just 10 years, the Company, with its original, simple and reliable access control, is used by many large corporates and public sector organizations. 

10 years of experience in cable free access control

From  the world of IT and telecommunications, and not familiar with mechanical locks or wired access control, the founders of LOCKEN revolutionized the access control market by offering a solution free of the usual constraints in this business.  


As a SARTI (SAR Technologies International) Group division, LOCKEN has known steady growth since its inception in 2003. Major milestones:

  • 2004: first establishment abroad with LOCKEN Ibérica 
  • 2005: establishment of LOCKEN into the UK
  • 2007: winner of the Security innovation award 
  • 2009: beginning of internationalization outside Europe (Mexico, Egypt, etc.)
  • 2012: The 100,000th site installation sold


With this success, LOCKEN acquired unrivalled expertise in the market for standalone, electronic-key access control. The trust large multinational companies or small businesses place in LOCKEN today reflects a strong recognition in the access control world:

  • « 97% of customers recommend LOCKEN » *
  • « 92% of customers reported having exceeded the original objectives assigned to their access control project»*

State-of-the-art technology for a unique solution

The "all in the key" and "all digital" technological approach is a structuring choice allowing LOCKEN to permanently leverage the innovation stream of the IT and telecom worlds. Thus, clients are freed from the constraints of the "mechanical" world.

LOCKEN solution concentrates the power (battery), access control (microprocessors) and communication (IR or Bluetooth) in the key: an award-winning technological revolution that sets itself apart from traditional, cylinder-centred approaches.

It is flexible and scalable. 

* Source : satisfaction survey Locken 2012 – G Parma