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A flexible solution for each client's situation



LOCKEN adapts to all industries and finds solutions for all business issues. Here are a few customers who have relied on LOCKEN : 


Ensuring the flawless operation and security of electrical systems 

RTE (Réseau de Transport et d’Electricité) is the operator of the French power distribution network. This utility company is responsible  for the operation, maintenance and development of "high and very high voltage" sub-stations.


Access and security issues 

  • With 100,000 km of lines between 63,000 and 400,000 volts and 46 cross-border lines, RTE must ensure the proper operation and safety of the electrical network.

Objectives : security et reliability

  • Strengthen access security for power sub-stations 
  • Facilitate access management for all key managers 

The Locken solution : 3 tools in 1

  • An industrial solution industrielle for access management 
  • A centraliezd ma,agement solution
  • A solution resistant to harsh environmental conditions 

By providing centralized equipment management and developing unique software, LOCKEN was able to cater for the specific needs of RTE. 


Improving security compliance for sensitive sites

UK Power Networks is the power distribution network covering London and the South East of England. Their three networks use more than 160,000 km of underground cables and overhead power distribution (whose length represents about four times the circumference of the Earth). 

Access and security issues

  • Improve security on sensitive sites, including those that have been used during the Olympic Game 
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations, particularly in relation to external suppliers requiring specific accreditations 

Objectives: security and integration

  • Seamlessly integrate access control into UK Power Network's information systems 
  • Allow access to all facilities with a single key 

The Locken solution: 3 tools in 1

  • An industrial solution for access management
  • A centralized management solution
  • A solution resistant to harsh environmental conditions 

With a range of over 300 cylinders models - including high security locks - and the full integration of its management software, LOCKEN has responded to the needs of UK Power Networks.


Ensuring maximum availibility and absolute control on restricted access facilities  

 AENA Group is a group of companies dedicated to airport management and the provision of air navigation services. The group manages several international airports including Barcelona and Madrid.  est un ensemble d'entreprises dédiées à la gestion aéroportuaire et la fourniture  de services de navigation aérienne. Le groupe gère notamment les aéroports internationaux de Barcelone et Madrid.

Access and security issues

  • Enable maximum availability in a high security environment (access to elevators, conveyors, electrical rooms, and other restricted access areas) 
  • Enable access to all facilities with complete location control and identification of persons accessing the different areas at any time. 

Objectives: security and reliability

  • Centralized authorisation management 
  • Allow access to all facilities with a master key

The Locken solution: 3 tools in 1

  • An industrial solution for access management
  • A centralized management solution
  • A solution resistant to harsh environmental conditions

By providing centralized equipment management, LOCKEN was able to cater for the specific needs of Aena in its major airports facilities. 


Modernising the access to ressource infrastructures 


LOCKEN has provided its access control solution to a major group  in the French water sector. The Group manages the water services and sanitation over 70 municipalities in Provence, South-eastern France.

Access and security issues

  • Modernize the access control infrastructure to drinking water resources following the recommendations of the DDASS, French Regulatory body supervising water networks 

Objectives: security and innovation 

  • Strengthen the access security of facilities 
  • Facilitate access management for all managers  of keys 
  • Manage accesses centrally, without having to move doors

The Locken solution: 3 tools in 1

  • An industrial solution for access management
  • A centralized management solution 
  • A solution resistant to harsh environmental conditions 

With its wide range of electronic cylinders and locks resistant to extreme weather conditions, LOCKEN was able to cater for the specific needs of this Group in the water sector. 


Decreasing failure factors in infrastructure access to ensure constant network availability

 With almost 407 million customers worldwide, Vodafone is one of the largest voice and data communication service providers.



Access and security issues 

  • Reduce access failures in critical environments
  • Improve system operations and maintenance

Objectives : flexibility and control 

  • Install the Locken solution without disrupting operations, directly on site, by Vodafone or its subcontractors 
  • Audit sub-contractors' actions to optilize service quality 

The Locken solution : 3 tools in 1

  • A cable-free, maintenance-free solution, no access change required 
  • A centralized management solution 
  • A software suite for optimal control 

LOCKEN's access control system has transformed in record time Vodafone's access system without disrupting daily operations. 

With 11 million customers, Bouygues Telecom is currently ranked the third mobile operator in France.



Access and security issues 

  • Apply the  principles of efficiency on which the Group's success is built: systems integration, standardization and discipline, anticipation and control 
  • Improve the system operations and maintenance 

Objectives : efficiency and profitability  rentabilité

  • Overcome the constraints of mechanical systems to centrally manage the 300,000 on-site maintenance interventions per year, provided by internal teams and subcontractors
  • Satisfy the strict quality and profitability policy of the Group 

The Locken solution : 3 tools in 1

  • Full integration with the client software via the scripting engine Locken Virtual Manager (LVM).
  • Reliable  equipments 
  • Unique know-how

LOCKEN' specific modules, fully integrated with the internal processes and IT tools of Bouygues Telecom, enables the efficiency and complete control over any field activities.


Managing easily the work schedule on site 

 In the Haute-Loire local authority, Le Puy-en-Velay has 20,000 inhabitants and lies at the centre of an agglomeration of 60,000 people. It constitutes a major commercial, administrative, academic, cultural and sporting hub, which has a positive effect on the entire county. 


Access ans security issues 

  • Manage all schedules related to equipment and public spaces of the municipality (town halls, public spaces, community centres, etc.), especially for the sports facilities
  • Manage all access control systems for municipal premises and sports facilities

Objectives : security and maintenance

  • Modernize the existing computer system 
  • Ensure centralized management and unlimited access control with a single solution
  • Benefit from a cable-free installation

The Locken solution : 3 tools in 1

  • A cable-free, maintenance-free security solution
  • Programmable cylinders with memory
  • Inviolability 

By providing centralized access management with its cable-free solution, LOCKEN was able to cater for the needs of Le Puy-en-Velay. 


Guaranteeing short response times on scattered sites

 G4S is a world leader in physical security solutions. Leader of the Belgian market, G4S specialises in mobile intervention services. Its objective is to provide its customers with alarm systems connected to a 24/24 monitoring station, to protect their property, equipment and goods.

Access and security issues 

  • Ensuring very short response times for hundreds of sites across the whole of Belgium including the vast city of Brussels.
  • Access control for clients with their own personal key and security system

Objectives : security and  traceability

  • Eliminate the need for "house keys" so as not to lose your keys
  • Ensure full access tracking 

The Locken solution

  • Installation of key boxes secured with electronic, burglar-proof cylinders near guarded sites
  • Download temporary access authorisation to the key via secured PDAs directly from the service vehicles  

G4S Belgium has reached and exceeded its objectives by implementing LOCKEN's innovative and efficient solution.