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From plug-and-play to customized solutions



Advice experts, LOCKEN tailors its solutions to meet the needs of each client. Plug-and-play solutions cater for all user needs in most situations. Custom-made solutions can meet specific needs while seamlessly integrating into their value chain.



Upstream and downstream support by experts 

LOCKEN teams manage each project, from the specification&design phase to the implementation phase, and then onwards supervising the project’s evolution. This allows customers to focus  on their  business while ensuring their solution continues at its optimum.

In order to maximize customer benefits, LOCKEN offers training schedules intended to preserve employee productivity at all times.

Personal service for each client

After a joint integration study conducted by LOCKEN engineers in collaboration with the client, the LOCKEN solution can be interfaced with the information system of the latter. Thus, access management becomes a transparent link in the company's information chain, perfectly integrated with its business tools.

On-going assistance

Fully committed to customer satisfaction, LOCKEN provides technical assistance by telephone and continuously improves its solutions through software maintenance. 

LOCKEN support teams, always available and responsive, go beyond the mere provision of access control. Their goal is to meet all needs, from the simplest to the most complex.

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